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Problem Solving and Mathematics Team Competition

Wednesday morning, May 22nd, 2013 - Location: BOARD OFFICE

Teams of 24 students (5 from each grade + 1 backup) from each of the 5 Catholic highschools will compete together on problems requiring mathematics.

Morning Pick Up Time                   School                 
7:30 am                                                Doyle
7:45 am                                                Bene’s
7:55 am                                                SMH
7:50 am                                                David’s
8:00 am                                                Rez

See poster.

Relay Question:  Grade 9

If a circle has a circumference of 12 cm, what is the area, rounded to the nearest whole number?

Relay Question:  Grade 10

In a certain motel if two students share each room, then two students will be left without a room. If three students share each room, then two rooms will be left empty.  How many rooms are in the motel?

Relay Question:  Grade 11

A car went up a hill at an average speed of 30 km per hour and went down at an average speed of 60 km per hour.  What was the average speed of the entire trip?

Relay Question:  Grade 12


If   f(x) = logx(x + 2), compute 3 ^ ( f(3)+f(9) )

Sample Problem Solving Questions

Problem Solving Contest Practice Questions (PDF)

These Relay questions runs for maximum of 30 minutes and consists of four questions. 

Relay Practice Questions (PDF)








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